Being a humanities student with subjects like Political Science, History and Philosophy I truly believe that we need to take actions in achieving the SDGs. I am passionate about knowing global social issues and even try finding solutions to it. The issues like inclusive growth, lack of awareness regarding SDGs in the area from where I belong, gender sensitisation, sanitation and hygiene, period poverty, lack of skill development and opportunities for youth, second, social, political and environmental justice are the things which am I concerned about the most. I really like participating in SDG hakathons because they help us think out of the box about all the various questions which we have in mind. I am also an active member of ‘Global Citizen’ which is an international education platform which aims at ending poverty by 2030 by active people’s participation. In order to understand what are the problems in the I also like to communicate with people around and try know the solution to their problems through my blog ‘365 Days, 365 People’ I believe if we keep on asking the right questions to the right people, we will be able to find the right answers.