Project Mapping Lives

Project Mapping Lives was started due to the lack of quality public education in India. It is a social initiative through which we work with the underprivileged Balwadi students studying at our school to help bridge certain gaps in their educational system, by providing them with a space to explore social values and morals which are often left unaddressed. The standard of education must be addressed to create an egalitarian society, so that people can then at least be placed at an equal footing!

We aim to provide a more holistic education to the Balwadi students and enable them to question, reason and reflect on the world around us, while feeling heard and appreciated. We develop and deliver our own modules in a Socratic dialogue format, which encourages discussion and debate. These discussions typically stem from story-reading sessions and videos or pictures we show them, all based on a chosen value. We also include games, activities, art, creative writing and skits in the sessions, in order to enrich their learning experience and ensure that the students stay actively engaged!

The Covid-19 lockdown had put a pause in most students’ education, especially those from low-income families who do not have access to online schooling. We firmly believe that education should not stop because such families cannot afford the alternative of online schooling. Therefore, we helped the non-profit ‘ARU Foundation’ by providing Back-To-School kits for underprivileged students enrolled in their ‘Shiksha Programme’. This foundation is teaching those students in person while practising safety precautions, and we are wholly committed to helping ensure that they receive a quality education. PML strongly believes in the power of a good education, which often cannot be imparted without adequate resources and study materials. Hence, we collected a large amount of funds for them and provided those students with Stationary Kits, puzzles and interactive learning games! We successfully put together 220 kits and donated it to those underprivileged children learning at ARU!

Founders and Mentors

Be it working for an animal shelter or spending my summers teaching beginners how to swim, I have always loved being involved with my community in different ways. Every second of my free time is spent drawing, painting with water colors or even exploring digital art through Procreate.

Sanaa (Founder)

Being engaged in our community is something that I am very passionate about from helping create an inclusive society for the intellectually disabled via sports, helping an animal shelter collect funds to helping provide a more holistic education for the underprivileged students of our society doing social work is something that brings be immense joy. I am often found engrossed in a good book, sketching or jamming to music. Dancing is one of my favourite pastimes its my escape from the world.

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