Be The Change

Make yourself heard – loud and clear, bold and with conviction.
Big changes stem from small ideas! Starting a campaign can be as challenging as it is rewarding. With YouthConnect, you will have a support system to guide you through this journey.

How to Start an Initiative

  • Identify your cause and conduct research, e.g. if your cause is mental health, research relevant statistics and problems to gain a clear idea of what your campaign is trying to achieve.
  • Identify your goal, e.g. if your cause is mental health, are you creating an awareness campaign for teachers at your school, or are you trying to raise funds for a foundation?
  • Define your target audience, e.g. youth, middle-income families, or primary school students?
  • Set a timeline, e.g. finding sponsors, recruiting volunteers, marketing plan
  • Plan your modes of engagement, e.g. social media, fundraising event, workshops
  • Go, achieve your goal!

Why Start an Initiative

Starting your own social initiative or campaign and successfully implementing it is a rewarding experience and journey that boosts your personal growth. 

  • Launching a social initiative/campaign is an opportunity for you to use your passion for, and interest in a cause, to generate tangible social change in a creative way. 
  • While working on a social initiative/campaign you are able to gain an in-depth understanding into the various socio/economic/political dynamics of the issue you are trying to tackle. This invaluable knowledge will help you assess, and potentially remedy larger scale development gaps of your area of interest, in the future.
  • Starting a social initiative/campaign requires you to take on multiple roles and develops your leadership, communication, teamwork, coordination and organizational skills. `
  • Being actively engaged in leading a social initiative/campaign will provide you with experience in fundraising, marketing (social media and outreach), collaborating with a team, and developing your network.

Joining an Initiative

At YouthConnect, we understand the importance of joining an initiative or cause that you’re passionate about. Not everyone has the time and energy to start their own initiative, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t work for a cause that they feel strongly for!

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Benefits of Joining an Initiative:

  • Volunteer for a cause you feel strongly about! 
  • Learn more ‘on the job’ about a social justice issue/cause that you previously didn’t know about.
  • Build on your skills: organizational, collaboration (team work), marketing (outreach & social media)
  • Expand your network
  • Get certified for your contribution and involvement