Our Initiatives

Our active youth flagship initiatives cover a number of keystone areas, from social entrepreneurship (Youth Incubation Entrepreneurship), education (trainings and workshops), and collaboration between youth leaders and trainees (Mentorship Programme).

How To Start An Initiative

Project Period

In January2020, on my 12th birthday, I decided to start Project Period. Project Period aims to promote a Healthy, Sustainable and Dignified menstruation to women from a low-income background. In order to have a better understanding, I have been in touch with few experts to kick start with project on the right note. This is when I came across ECO-FEMME, an organisation who have been producing and selling cloth pads and also providing menstrual health education.


Food for Trash

We visit certain sites, and with the help of locals and volunteers, help clean them by removing waste from there. Foodgrains are distributed to everyone in exchange for the waste, which is then sent for repurposing. In other words we work in coordination with the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG).



The Children’s Health Action Management Project (C.H.A.M.P.) is a social initiative aimed at investigating and addressing the status of healthcare for children in urban India.  In other words C.H.A.M.P. originated from our shared interest and passion for public health, community health practices. .



Amidst the unprecedented second wave of COVID-19 in India, that has touched almost every family in the nation, a few friends have started their initiative –, in collaboration with Youth Connect Foundation, a free food delivery service for those recovering as well as COVID-positive.

Project Mapping Lives

Project Mapping Lives was started due to the lack of quality public education in India. It is a social initiative through which we work with the underprivileged Balwadi students studying at our school to help bridge certain gaps in their educational system.

Project Unmask

The ‘UnMask’ project initiated to provide a platform for our peers to openly express their opinions about issues faced by them by letting go of their inhibitions, and without any fear of judgement, besides aiming to spress awareness.


Dropcount is a practical initiative by Arya Lamba who believes in #savingwateronetapatatime through water aerators. His project has brought awareness within several schools and companies, about water shortage and wastage and ways to counter this problem through the aerators.

Swachh Chetna Project

Swachh Chetna is a project which brings together students from different sections of society to build awareness around the importance of environmental conservation and cleanliness. Started by Abhiir Bhalla, this project brought on board the Delhi Metro Railway Corporation as an official partner and invited students from NGO, Private and Public schools.

Sports To Lead

Ananya Kamboj is a 16-year-old global citizen who is an ambassador of football, peace and youth empowerment. Her area of specialty is football and she represents India as a Young Journalist at the global Football for Friendship (F4F) social programme by Gazprom, an official partnet of FIFA.


Aarav Seth is a 12-year-old student and climate activist. His motto “Each One Teach One to Plant One” is a part of his #Sunday4SecuredFuture initiative. He is also a Child Ambassador of SDG Choupal. Through Aarav’s initiative to plant trees, several others have been inspired by him to take active stances against nature’s depletion.