Youth Connect

An educative and entertaining magazine for youth who appreciate sharp writing. It examines relevant social issues, educational topics, and the everyday concerns of young people. The magazine wishes to nourish the artistic impulses of enthusiastic youth, as well as be a confidant and support system to those that look for direction or assistance. Promoting sensitivity, prudence and compassion among all its readers, YouthConnect curates content specifically keeping the youth in mind.

YouthConnect mag is that smart, witty, friend every cool young person deserves!

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Youth Post

Be prepared with a preview of what's on the youth's mind and agenda around the world with our newsletter - YouthPost. It is a fun, energetic space for young people, to explore their creativity and talents. An interactive forum that gives young people the space to creatively address important social, environmental, and political issues on an international scale. It is a newsletter that ensures that young people have their voices heard.

Our motto is simple! You speak, we publish; your voice echoes through our pages.
Run entirely by the youth, YouthPost prioritises developing compelling content that will inspire social change, triggered by young people from every corner of the world. It is now time to make your place in the global community. Pour your heart out, let the passion of your voice resonate through YouthPost.

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Parent Connect

ParentConnect is an all-new magazine where parents, experts and educationists give you their most authentic advice and share their most intimate experiences. We want you to feel that the magazine is your extended family; with expert tips, news & advice with real, useful and informative content, to help you navigate your way through every stage of a child's development.

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