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  • Environment
  • Employment
  • Gender Equality
  • Culture
  • Health
  • Human Rights
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Personal Growth
  • Violence and Conflict

We are looking for creative, original, thought-provoking, enriching entries that our young readers will recall for a long while to come.

  • Language: English
  • Limit: 600-1000 words for articles, poetry, essays and blogs

General Guidelines

  • All submissions of writing and artwork will be considered for publication on YouthConnect, and are also automatically entered into any relevant contests.
  • YouthConnect magazine and YouthPost newsletter have no deadlines. We accept submissions year round. 
  • You must be 13 to 21 years old to be a YouthConnect member and be published in YouthConnect magazine or YouthPost newsletter.
  • All materials submitted become the property of YouthConnect. By submitting your work to us, you are giving YouthPost and YouthConnect magazine the right to publish your work in any format, including print, electronic, and online media.
  • Entries for the contests will be judged by the Editorial Board whose decision shall be final. No further correspondence will be entertained in this regard. Due to an overflow of entries, only the authors of selected entries will be contacted.
  • Plagiarism. We have a no-tolerance policy for plagiarism. We check the originality of all published work.
  • Posting is great, but we want to make sure you do it respectfully! Please remember that everything you post is public. 
  • We are trusting you as an author to make sure that everything you write about is accurate, and we can’t be held accountable for mistakes that you make, so please make sure to do a good job in your editing!

It’s time to recharge your creative juices!

Submitting Written Work:

  • Writing may be edited and we reserve the right to publish our edited version without your prior approval. We may choose not to publish sensitive personal articles.
  • If there is any reference to a real-life person, study or event, please mention the reference source and method, or include the URL. Please verify all facts, wherever necessary. Un-fact-checked articles will not be accepted.
  • An author may submit any number of manuscripts. However, each must be treated as a separate submission.
  • Be sure to also read our general guidelines before you submit.
  • Plagiarism.YouthConnect has a no-tolerance policy for plagiarism. We check the originality of all work.

Submitting Art and Photos

  • Submit only your original work. Do not submit a version of someone else’s work or a drawing of a copyrighted character (like Spider-Man, Wolverine, or anime characters).
  • Submit your work in high resolution as a .png or .jpeg file.
  • Be sure to also read our general guidelines before you submit.